What is the EnviroSimplex® technology?

The EnviroSimplex technology liquefies and mixes all raw materials in a special chamber where the bio-activation process occurs, allowing enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics to help culture the ingredients. Then it deploys gentle agitation and low heat under high vacuum to extract moisture, preserve the active ingredients, shorten drying times, and protect sensitive phytonutrients. We ensure the processing temperature always stays below 118°F (48°C).

Phytonutrients (also referred to as phytochemicals) are natural compounds found in plant-based whole foods that give plants their rich pigment, as well as their distinctive taste and smell. Research suggests that nutrients from whole, raw food may have a valuable holistic effect that allows key vitamins and minerals to work more effectively. The EnviroSimplex method retains and intensifies the total goodness of whole food into rich living food.