Why Taking a Multivitamin Is a Good Idea

If you eat a healthy diet, you may think you don’t need a multivitamin. Not so fast. Here are three reasons why you might not be getting all the nutrients you need from the food you eat.  


1. Your Food Isn’t as Nutritious as Your Grandmother’s Was   Surprise! If you ate a meal identical to one eaten fifty years ago — with the same serving sizes of the same fruits and vegetables — it probably wouldn’t contain the same levels of nutrients.


Scientists have been noting the nutritional decline of produce for decades now. There are various theories, from soil depletion due to modern farming practices to excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. All these factors can cause plants to grow more quickly. While that may sound good, acceleration can spread plants’ nutrients thinner. A review of 57 articles measuring nutrients in food over the past few decades found decreases of 9% for magnesium, up to 18% for zinc, and up to 31% for iron. That can really add up!


2. You Have a Food Sensitivity or Follow a Restricted Diet

More and more people have food sensitivities these days. If you can’t eat gluten, or lactose doesn’t agree with you, you may have to cut certain foods from your diet, even if they’re good sources of nutrients, like B vitamins in whole-grain bread or calcium in milk. Similarly, if you’re following a restricted diet by choice, like keto or vegan, there will be foods that are off-limits for you. This can make it hard to cover all your bases nutritionally speaking.


3. You Have Digestive Issues

Gut health is a touchy issue for a lot of people. If you experience digestive discomfort, loose stool, or occasional constipation, you may not be digesting your food and absorbing its nutrients as well as you could.* And that means you may be missing out on some vitamins and minerals, even if you’re doing your best to eat healthy foods and limit the junk.

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