Eco-friendly products

10 Products to Switch to Make Your Home Greener

If you’re planning on seizing the opportunity to change old habits for newer, greener ways of living, you’ll want some quick wins to stay motivated. Here are 10 everyday household products that can easily be switched for greener alternatives Read More

Milk alternatives

Ranking Milk Based on Sustainability

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the environmental impact of almond milk, leading a few folks to switch to dairy or other plant-based milks. Here are the different types of dairy and plant-based milks ranked Read More

Best Supplements for vegans

Supplements for Vegans

Benefits of plant-based diets include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Read More

WES Shedding Light on Vit D

Shedding Light on Vitamin D

During the winter season when there is limited sunlight and the body is not able to produce its own vitamin D sufficiently, supplementation is an important part of maintaining adequate levels in the body. Read More